We Work With You

We feel your pain. We know how challenging the current developer landscape can be sometimes. Mimvi is completely committed to open collaboration with all developers—large and small—across the board. Our goal is to ensure that you win.  We want your app reaching the right user at the right time - every time.  This will help you focus your efforts on what really matters—developing apps.

PoweredByAzureMimvi is working closely with the Microsoft Azure cloud services team to maintain an architectural foundation to serve consumers and partners, including Microsoft, with mobile app, search, discovery and recommendation services.  In addition to search and recommendations, Mimvi is using Azure to build out a suite of products based on its technology, including MimviLink™, a mobile advertising network that matches relevant mobile apps to content of any format on any platform.


Interested in accessing Mimvi's leading mobile app Search and Recommendation technology solutions?  You've come to the right place.  Mimvi has a world-class, easy to integrate, and recently revamped API to enable you to search for mobile apps and obtain recommendations.  For now, we are not requiring access keys, so go ahead, download the API Specs and go to town.


MIMVI_API.PDF v1.1.04 (100kb)

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